I am a proud mum, to my 4 children (Born 1999, 2004, 2005 and 2013) and married to Ian.  I have lived in North Herts almost all my life.  My hobbies include cooking, learning and having fun with my family.

Member of Doula UK:  2007 - 2013

Co-Vice Chair of Doula UK:   Feb 2008 - Sept 2009 



Trained with Nurturing Birth 2007


I will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge, help you to prepare physically and emotionally for the birth and equip you and your family with practical skills so that you can make a confident and easy transition into parenthood.

Being a doula is a passion, a commitment not just from me but also from my family - and they are as passionate as me about new families needs for support.

Sue enables you to achieve this with a combination of ongoing emotional support, evidence-based antenatal information and a reliable and capable maternal woman, who has personal experience of the pregnancy, birth and baby-care processes - all things you might have gained in the past from family and friends - but without biased opinion and misleading myths.


If you already have children may find the need for extra assistance looking after them or help around the home, especially at the end of the pregnancy and in the early days afterwards,

If you are experiencing SPD or other pregnancy difficulties it can again be a challenging time keeping up with what you need to do and looking after yourself, as well as the extra worry your circumstances may bring

Why did you become a doula? 

When I had my first child I felt totally in awe of the medical profession, and had a C-section under General as they said it would be best. As I learned more I realised that there are always options and with the right support women can have the birth they want - after all isn't that what women were designed to do? I also have a lot of experience working with pregnant and new mums who have disabilities I feel that with this work the natural flow of the work led me towards being a doula.

What makes you qualified to be a doula?
There is no such thing as a qualified doula.  As well as my passion for birth and families, I have the following experiences:

I have 4 children, born in 1999, 2004, 2005 and 2013. 
I attended a training course, facilitated by Bushra Finch from Nurturing Birth in July 2007. 
I have 15 years experience working with disabled parents to find suitable parenting strategies. 
I have 20+ years of working with disabled adults and children
I have written internationally published articles about parenting strategies.

I have experience of Lister, Luton and Dunstable, and Bedford Hospitals as a doula.  I have been honoured to be present at a variety of birth situations.

Courses/Seminars and Workshops attended

Nurturing BirthBirth and Postnatal DoulaJuly 2007
NCFELevel 2 Equality and DiversityFebruary 2008
CEMACHDiabetes in PregnancyJuly 2008

Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers

Birth Physiology and the Doula's RoleMarch 2009
Sarah Ockwell-SmithHypnobirthing Study Afternoon for Health ProfessionalsMarch 2009
British Associaion of Sexual Educators

Sex In Pregnancy - The Silent Subject

Silent Witness Seminar

November 2009

Diane Garland


Waterbirth Study DayJanuary 2010
Hertfordshire Holistic Health Centre

EFT for Birth Professionals


EFT Level 1 & 2

March 2010
BabyCalm (tm)

BabyCalm Practitioner Training

March 2011
ToddlerCalm (tm)ToddlerCalm Practitioner TrainingMarch 2012 

 BabyCalm Conference 

  20th May 2012
 BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm Study Day  October 2013
 BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm Study Day  October 2014

Do you draw up a written contract? 

Yes, which you will have your own copy to keep. 

What do you see as your role as a doula? 

I see my role is that of a supporting birth companion, supporting with consideration and kindness, the mother (and the rest of the family) and in assisting her to be empowered to have the birth she wants. It is also to give the mother the control of each decision that she makes regarding her labour and delivery. 

What about pain relief? 

I cannot tell you what you can or can't do, what you do or do not need. Pain relief is your personal choice, but I will support whatever decision you make. Pain relief is always discussed during antenatal visits. 

How do you feel about breastfeeding? 

Again it's personal choice for you, the mother. I will support your decision and provide as much information as you need to enable you to make your decision.  I have personal experience of both bottle feeding and breast feeding

What if I feel that I need more antenatal visits than 2? 

Thats something we can discuss, I am happy to make extra appointments but there may be charge for them. 

I don't think I can afford a doula?

Although I do have standard rates, I am open to negotiation, I know how expensive having a baby can be.  I will consider your circumstances if you ask me. 

I also have my own gift vouchers available in amounts from £5 please ask me for more details.

I also offer a 'Pay as you grow service' ask for more details.

Why did you decide to train and become a Doula UK doula?  Why did you stop being a Doula UK doula?

When I decided to decome a doula, I looked at all available avenues and decided, that to be an effective doula I needed access to a great support network (mothering the mother takes a lot of emotional energy and having ongoing support and information so that I could do my best was important to me), and specialised knowledge - although I have children of my own, every birth is different and every woman is different.  I felt that I needed a more solid base of ideas.  Nurturing Birth best suited me and that is why I did my training with them.

I decided on the birth of my 4th child to not renew my Doula UK membership, it was a tough decision but as I have made a decision to only take on a maximum of 6 births a year I do not feel that I can justify membership.

You do so many things - how does being a doula fit in? How do you give your doula clients the attention that they need?

That is a valid and great question to ask.  I only take on one birth client at a time and never overlap on-call times, I also limit the number of clients I take on at any time.  

For my other classes or sessions: if I am on call I always give classes an extra alternate date so that if I am called away we have already scheduled another session - this is to ensure minimum disruption to all my clients.  Private sessions are always booked with the understanding that births take priority, I always leave extra spaces in my diary so that I can reschedule any missed appointments as quickly as possible

My support team are amazing and we are all aware of the needs of my clients and all know our strengths in supporting them.