Please note that I only take on births in the North Herts - Stevenage area. 

Being a birth doula isn't just about being there for the birth.  Although that is a major part of it.  After an initial meeting to discuss exactly what kind of support you are looking for the Labour and Birth Doula package consists of: 

Two Antenatal Visits - This includes gentle discussion of personal issues which will assist you to clear the way emotionally for your current pregnancy and birth.  It also includes  individualised birth preparation sessions, which are designed to specifically meet your individual needs.  These sessions are held in the comfort of your home with you and whoever you wish to be present.  I can help you with your birth plan, give you information on positioning and relaxation, help you pack you hospital bag.  These visits are usually about an hour and a half - two hours.

 Unlimited telephone and e-mail contact (although I ask that unlessits an emergency please limit telephone calls to between 8am and 6pm).

Being on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date.  If your baby is overdue, then I will extend the on call until your baby is welcomed into the world.

Being present throughout labour (From when you telephone me and ask me to attend I will endevour to reach you within an hour.  But the more you keep me informed of events the quicker I can get to you) from as soon as you feel you want me until you're settled comfortably with your new baby.

Full use of my library of books, DVDs, Videos, CD's.

Two visits after the birth for discussing the birth , and to provide on-going support with breastfeeding or anything else you would like help with.  These visits can be arranged for anytime between coming home from hospital until baby is 6 weeks old.  These visits usually last two hours.

If your baby decides to make an early appearence then any outstanding antenatal visits will be added to the postnatal visits

It is better to contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy to make sure I am available around your due date. Doulas make a commitment to being with you at your birth. Most doulas only book in one (or in certain circumstances two) birth client per month to guarantee availability. But if you contact me later on in your pregnancy, I may be available or know another doula in the area that is. 

For more details please contact me on 0777 975 8181 or e-mail

Although I will be 'on call' I may still be out with friends and family at the time you go into labour.  It is best to phone me as soon as you suspect you are in labour so that I have plenty of time to get ready for when you need me.

What if you book me as a doula and I miss the birth?

This depends greatly on the reason why I missed your birth.  If I miss your birth because you have a quick birth or you do not give me enough time to get to you (normally about an hour), then no compensation will be given.  If I miss your birth because of long travel delays I will waive the remaining fees.  In both instances I will still provide the postnatal visits.