Kind comments from a few of my clients

Birth Doula

"Sue was very capable and put me at my ease. She made the whole process a lot easier to cope with. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to other mums"


Post Natal Doula

"By working with all the family Sue helped us to work together to parent our son and was a friendly ear to discuss concerns...while NEVER undermining us as parents

Sue exceeded our expectations with her friendly yet professional manner. She will be missed"

B & B

Little Signers Club

Amazing to see my son embrace sign after just once class, can't wait to learn more!

V mum to B aged 20months

"We've got about 40 signs now! it's definitely helping to bridge the communication gap and gives me a nice insight into his world."

Sept 2011 S mum to L aged 22month (April 2011 BSB class)

"In september last year i started taking my son to her baby sign classes (Sign Rhyme and Jump!) in Letchworth. My son was having lots of communication problems which was in turn causing him to be violent. After a long discussion with Sue on facebook she suggested sign. Within a month i had my happy little boy back. We have just seen the health visitor who has said that he is actually now talking at an advance rate."

Feb 2012 K mum to R aged 2 years

Emotional Freedom Technique

"Great - Very Relaxing"


Disabled Parenting Support

"A thoroughly enjoyable & informative training session for therapists and clients alike. Full of practical advice....I feel much more confident addressing these issues in the future. Thank you"


Occupational Therapist

"The session was extremely helpful - for the first time we felt almost anything was possible. It just meant using your imagination.

Sue was full of useful and practical ideas, safety was paramount but not at the expense of being a parent. Most things were possible it just meant doing it in a different way or using different equipment. More importantly the equipment was basic general everyday household items which were cheap and easily available/

The main thing I got out of this was that it is OK to do things differently as long as its safe and comfortable for the child and parent - it doesn't matter if its not the norm.

Cannot thank you enough. For the first time since my wife had her stroke we/I feel we can do it."

Damian, Father

"I found this meeting/session invaluable. No-one but me has said that I can't care for my baby but I certainly left feeling like I could do a lot more than I ever would have dreamed of - In particular giving him a bath

Sue's positive approach to disabled parenting was very refreshing and she has given us loads of ideas of things to try, along without having to purchase expensive gadgets. Thank you"

Claire, Mother